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Transportation Facility

The Transport facility at Doon currently includes a fleet of 40+ buses that are equipped with all facilities for safety. Each bus is manned by a security guard and care giver who pick and drop children safely from their designated bus stops to school and back. All the buses of Doon have approval from the RTO of MadhyaPradesh State Department.

The transport facility is made to cover most of the accessible areas of Gwalior except for remote areas where the buses can not travel. They traverse the geography of the city to pick up our students. Special care is taken while appointing the drivers, to ensure that only the experienced and qualified drivers are appointed after undergoing a driving test. The bus routes are assessed regularly to ascertain the most time efficient access and travel across the city to allow our students to have the least possible time spent in travelling. The buses are equipped with safety equipment and a first-aid kit in case of an emergency.